Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seeing Red

Something strange has happened in my knitting bag.

Every single project in there is red. Not just a little red, or red-ish, but really-very-extra-red.

It’s not that I loathe or despise red, it’s just not a color I have very much of. I tend more towards to cool side of the color wheel. My stash is mostly made up of blues, greens and purples, and those are also the prevailing colors in my house.

But by some strange twist of fate, all of my current knitting is red.


This is Centrino, aka The Big Red Blob. It’s a Year of Lace project, and one of the few certainties in the universe is that if you subscribe to a club there will be at least one shipment which is a color you never reckoned on sharing house space with. This yarn made me blink hard when I opened the package, but it’s certainly grown on me.

Then there’s this:


This is the nearly completed yoke of a February Baby Sweater, in Geranium. When an expectant mother requests a color, one does not quibble. One goes to the LYS and finds it. This baby is going to be visible for a good long distance, that much is for sure!

Oh look, there’s another red down there. But I can’t show you the project. It’s a Super Secret Sock Test for a friend who wants to submit the pattern for publication. All very hush-hush, dontcha know! But I can show you the yarn.


That’s some Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway In Vino Veritas. I bought this during the summer, praising myself all the while for stepping out of my blue-green-purple world. (Isn’t it funny the things we tell ourselves to justify buying more yarn?)

I’m enjoying all of my red these days, the yarns, the patterns, the way there are so many different reds in there. I’m beginning to think that I haven’t been giving red the attention and interest that it deserves, and I may have to remedy that on my next few trips to the LYS.


Wendie said...

I whole heartedly approve! (big surprise there, eh?)

KT said...

Great post. Maybe I need to try this with yellow.

Rose Red said...

You can never have too much red (but you knew I'd say that, didn't you!).

Also, I'm loving how the project bags match the project!

marycatharine said...

Isn't if funny how sometimes a colour can invade your space uninvited.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of red! Isn't it delightful? It shows stitches so well.

I am seriously coveting your knitting bags. Where did you get them?

Alwen said...

I've never been an orange person (hur hur), but when our son got old enough to prefer colors, he was a big orange lover!

Only love could have induced me to knit bright orange mittens.

essjay said...

I don't like red either but all of those are so lovely!