Monday, May 18, 2009

To Market, To Market

There are mileposts in my year, events that tell me that a given season has well and truly begun. When the crocuses bloom, I know that winter is loosing its grip. When the tomatoes arrive at the farmers market, it is high summer without a doubt. When the apples begin to be turned into cider fall has begun and harvest is in full swing.

And, when The Saturday Market opens, spring has most certainly sprung, rain and wind notwithstanding.

It was the perfect weekend to go to market… and it seems that I was far from being the only person who thought so.


Oh, the handcrafts!

Crocheted bags

Fuzzy Pink Hotpants

Mom tried to convince me I needed a pair of these… I told her that pink is one of her signature colors. Since we were unable to agree whom they should come home with, the pants went back on the rack.

Crafter in the Wild

She’s knitting another one of these hats. Lovely cheerful things, felted to help keep your head dry.

Anna’s Bag* Meets The Hats

Tie Die is still a treasured form of expression…

Anna’s Bag Meets the Tie Die

…and anything is fair game for the dye pot…


…even shoelaces and underpants.

More handknits:

Are Those Horns or Ears?

Fruits and Veggies

Felted Booties with Satin Roses

There are costumes to feed your imagination. Multicolored wings, sparkly skirts, and even magic wands.


I need to talk to this vendor some time about some adult-sized wings…


Hand-dyed yarn… on sale. I didn’t even put up a token struggle.

There are a multitude of hand-made bags, but none of them is as pretty as mine.

Anna’s Bag Meets Some Cousins

Things get rather crowded in the food court. Somewhere in here is my favorite lemonade stand.


There’s a wee boy in this backpack, you can just see his chubby little fist clutching the pink balloon animal. He was completely captivated, whether by the tie-die, the headpiece or the balloon twisting I’ve no idea.


Spring is most certainly here!

*For the backstory on Anna’s Bag, see this post.


Sarah said...

What a great market - your lovely, colourful photos make me wish I had been.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend an afternoon!!

Anna said...

Sightseeing pictures of the bag at the Market!!!! Thank you!!! I'm giggling here. :)

When I visited that Market aaaages ago, there was this one man who played didgeridoo while moving the instrument over people when they sat in a chair. They also had bright purple velvety tubes of about 6feet attached to their ears. He played the didgeridoo at the ends of these tubes... Weird. Is he still around? Did you ever see him?

Rose Red said...

That is a great bag!

And the market looks wonderful, just wonderful. I wouldn't have resisted the sale yarn either...

marycatharine said...

Markets are the best things about spring and summer, yours looks particularly wonderful.

KT said...

OMG! Only in Eugene! tie-dyed briefs! shall we call them, tie-dye-whities?

Shan said...

Lovely post.

Chandler said...

Wow, what a fabulous market. The T-town market still has a long way to go...

Bells said...

oh how lovely does it all look?

You know though, I was wondering about the strawberry baby hats - i thought we were not allowed to sell products made from patterns we've had to buy?

Kathleen Taylor said...

OMG! I never realized that you were in Portland! Are you going to the Sock Summit? I'll be there.

TinkingBell said...

Wonderful - and it all looks so nearly summer!

I wanna magic wand!

Donna Lee said...

I look forward to May when our local markets start up again. Unfortunately, we don't have craft booths, just foods. Not that I'm complaining too much.