Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Surprises

People never fail to amaze me, in ways great and small. Sometimes, of course, I am amazed by how bad they can be, but most of the time I am amazed at how kind and generous they can be, in ways both large and small.

Let us take, for today’s example, m1k1, who blogs at A Little Bit Crafty.

After I posted this piece last month, expressing my surprise that my friends hadn’t sent me chocolate in the mail, she left me a comment offering to pick me up a little something from Haigh’s Chocolates. (Good heavens, I just spent the last fifteen minutes browsing that site… I think I gained three pounds! Lucky for me they don’t ship.)

Yes-please-and-thank-you-very-much, I said. (Really, who could resist such an offer? Someone who is not I, apparently!) Then I had two reasons to stalk the mail carrier. Poor guy must just dread driving down our street…

In due time, this arrived in my mailbox:


And inside were these:


A Caramel Koala, Lindt dark chocolate and mint, and 280 grams of Haigh’s Dark Chocolate with Orange. Also recipe for a tart, which I simply must make, and a fact card about Haigh’s helping to save the bilby. (Just look at the nose on that darling wee thing…)

But wait, what’s this?


It looks like yarn!


Lace yarn!


Yubina Cashmere lace yarn, 500 beautiful red yards of it. I was deprived of the power of speech, which people who know me will find hilarious.

I dashed off a sputtering e-mail of thanks and utter joy (Cashmere!!! You sent me cashmere lace-weight!!!). In response, I got a message from m1k1 telling me “I got a tad carried away when I was ordering, and was hoping some of it would find a lacy home somewhere.”

I do solemnly swear: to give the yarn a good home, to find the perfect pattern for it, to do my best to surprise people with generosities both large and small.

I do not, however, swear to share the chocolates…


Shan said...

Oh, my sainted aunt. The chocolate with orange....the red laceweight....I am feeling faint.

Anonymous said...

Honestly folks, she's not kidding when she swears she won't share the chocolate! I was lucky to get close enough to sniff.
Loveya sweetcakes, mum

Alwen said...

That's awesome!

One of the things I love about the internet is that besides the stuff that makes the news, I get to read stuff like this.

Bells said...

Oh she's a good sort our MIKI isn't she? Haighs are such good chocolates.

I think the American and Australian taste for chocolate is quite different. I often find US chocolate really very sweet. Interesting to see what you think of ours. Particularly of such a good quality product.

Red laceweight? Oh we have both felt the laceweight love this week!

Anna said...

Surprise goodies in the mail are the best ones!!! :)

I'm sure you can give that yarn a proper home and turn it into somehting wonderful. But then again, it's wonderful as it is already.

TinkingBell said...

Oh - how wonderful - what a lovely surprise - and the chocolate is pretty damn good too!

Donna Lee said...

I don't think I'd share the chocolate. I might let people touch the yarn but not the chocolate. Maybe not even the yarn, depends on the person....

marycatharine said...

Wow that's a fantastic gift! Yarn and chocolate are the perfect combo for any knitter.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's the kind of bloggy friend I like - one who just happens to pop a bit of cashmere laceweight in with the chocolate. Lucky you!

Chandler said...

I love, love that color of red—and what could be better than chocolate? Save the Bilby chocolate, of course! Yum!

Nora said...

Whoa - chocolate, cashmere... life is good!!

Rose Red said...

oh Haighs...AND have been very spoilt by lovely m1k1!! Lucky you, lovely stuff!!