Monday, April 6, 2009

In The Meantime

The mailman didn’t deliver any packages to me this weekend. In fact, the mailman delivered nothing but bills this weekend. I need to have a talk with him about that. I mean honestly, the least he could do is deliver all the chocolate my friends have been sending me.

What’s that you say? You haven’t sent me any chocolate?

Well then, maybe the mailman is off the hook. I suppose my package has been distracted by pretty scenery… It’s probably gazing awestruck at a field of grape hyacinth. I understand, it happens to me frequently this time of year.

Obsessive checking of the mail aside, there’s actually been knitting going on around here. And, for a wonder, it is a glorious sunny day, so I actually have pictures as proof.

Here’s the yoke and body of the Blue Spruce Cardigan.


I’m through nineteen lace repeats, and I really need to try it on before I go any further. After the trauma of frogging the entire yoke, I’d really rather not have to rip again!

Here’s a close-up of one of the increase lines.


I purled the central stitch on the return rows to emphasize the line, a trick I saw on someone’s Baby Surprise Jacket. I like the way it sets the mitering off.

And here’s a good look at the Gull Lace pattern


It’s a very simple seven-stitch four-row repeat… which of course means that every now and then I embarrass myself by doing it wrong. I’m getting really good at dropping down a stitch or two to get things lined up correctly.

There’s also lace knitting of the non-cardigan variety. I was getting ready to take a trip to a retreat last month and I wanted to take along enough projects so I wouldn’t get bored. As I was poking at my sock-yarn stash, I could hear the lace-yarn mocking me from the other end of the container. Don’t look at me like that… I’ll bet your stash mocks you sometimes too!

OK then, I decided to actually knit with some of it! Rather than take the time to run the lace stash through the randomizer, I did the next best thing… I shut my eyes and grabbed.

I came up with this:


Malabrigo Lace in Paris Night

It’s a single-ply baby merino, and it's just about the softest thing I’ve ever touched in my life. I paired it up with the Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl from Victorian Lace Today, which was designed for fingering weight yarn. I’ve got no earthly idea how big it’s going to be, and to tell the truth I don’t really care.


This was taken with 206 rows completed and that mean that there are… 19 x 12… carry the one… add the border stitches…

That means there are 247 stitches currently on the needles… with just under one skein knit. Soon I’m going to have to move to a longer needle!

It’s a fun knit, surprisingly intuitive after the first few repeats.


The irony of knitting a lace shawl while I’m waiting for a shipment from a lace club does not escape me. In my own defense, might I be allowed to say that I cast this on before I knew about the birthday gift?

My husband must have been laughing into his beer the night I cast this on.


Anonymous said...

LS and you shawl are gorgeous!

I'm bust battling through my Ene's Scarf with malabrigo lace (only 100 rows to go) - but I must say, your shawl in that paris night colourway is really very appealing. Very, very appealing indeed.

Fingers crossed you get your package soon. Looking forward to seeing what's in it!

Anonymous said...

Yurmum says,

Wow, Anree! Two beautiful blue projects going at the same time.

To think, five years ago you had no idea you'd become an obsessed knitter(or any other kind of knitter).

I'm proud of your accomplishments in a craft that gives you so much pleasure.

Love you, sweetcakes,

m1k1 said...

V.Pretty Times Two.

m1k1 said...

The thought of you sans chocolat fills me with despair. Next week, I intend to happen to pass Haigh's chocolates, in Adelaide, and should I be drawn there within, chocolate purchasing is sure to ensue.
(I know they have a shop here in Sydney, but that is by the by.)
If you would like to email me a postal address, I could add a little something to my shopping basket for you. It obviously wouldn't reach you while you wait for the Real Parcel, but you will need something to keep your lacey energies up, no?
Haigh's original shop is located in the delightfully named but decidedly urban building at Beehive Corner. I see with horror that at some time in the last 20 years, they have mounted a giant bee on the building. Talk about incongruous.
Of course, if you would prefer I didn't, I will take no offence.

Alwen said...

I have a skein of that Malabrigo lace that I bought when I went to Franklin's booksigning in January. I petted it the whole way home from Lansing, 2+ hours of driving! Soft!

TinkerTots said...

Purdy purdy! Four repeats of lace for me until I'm at the garter-stitch border. Maybe we both can show off finished objects next Monday? I'll try and remember to bring my camera!

Bells said...

Oh that Paris Night! How have I chosen malabrigo before now and never selected that colour????

I feel a deep, passionate longing to own some of it and I LOVE what you're doing with it. I've also never considered that pattern.

See, reading blogs is SO important. We see things as if for the first time. Wow.

Chandler said...

Sigh. I love lace (wish I was better at it...). These are both beautiful pieces.

Donna Lee said...

Your sweater is looking great. And the shawl is such a nice pattern that looks so soft, you have me wanting to stroke the monitor (doesn't that sound kinky?).

Rose Red said...

Oh Paris Night - that is GORGEOUS! I haven't yet knit with Malabrigo lace but have touched it - yum yummy yum yum.

And your FLS is also GORGEOUS! Love the purl trick, that is fabulous. Wish I'd seen that before I finished the garter section of my own FLS.

Hope the postie is kind to you this coming week.

essjay said...

The FLS is looking fantastic and that shawl? Nothing short of perfection. I can't wait to finish the few gifts I'm working on so I can cast on the lace shawl I've been coveting for a while...thanks for the inspiration!