Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Their Homes

The time comes with each and every baby project I knit when it’s time to give them away. All those sweaters and hats are meant to adorn babies, not my knitting basket.

I have a confession for you: I get nervous every time, without fail. What if they don’t like the color? What if the pattern doesn’t suit their tastes? What if all the woven-in ends work their way to the front? What if the buttons fall off?

That last panicked thought is always the one which brings me back to reality and calms me down. It would be a legitimate fear if I had sewn on the buttons… which is why my mom does it for me. When she sews on buttons, they generally stay put. When I sew on buttons, they generally fall right off as soon as I pick the garment up.

Yesterday I had the rare privilege of sending two projects to their new homes on the same day.

This navy blue sweater was actually completed on time, but the baby shower happened while I was on vacation. Then the baby himself arrived in all his glory, and still he was sweater-less! For shame, I know. I hang my head.

Well, we solved that yesterday, when baby James brought his mom to the baby shower for another expectant mother in the office.


I’m pretty sure that if young sir gets regular feeding he’ll grow into this sweater. Just now it serves quite well as a blanket.


It was strictly coincidental that the guest of honor at yesterday’s baby shower was getting a sweater from the same design. Different color, cable and button, same amount of love.


Look, it fits!


So, that’s two items sent to their new homes. There’s still another item to give away soon… and did I mention the two recent happy announcements in the office?

Time to find more cute things to knit!


Alwen said...

What a cute pair of sweaters! I like the baby in the second one. ;)

marycatharine said...

Those are cute little sweaters - I'm partial to the purple one myself. That's a lot of babies for one office.

Bells said...

Love the 'it fits' photo! that is so cool! I must make it! For next winter.

Donna Lee said...

I know that feeling. I hold my breath and hope they like it. Although, in reality, who doesn't like a handknit item?

TinkerTots said...

I love the sweater on her belly. What a hilarious photo!

And while I understand your nerves, I have to say that you did fabulously cute knitting with gorgeous yarn.. how could they NOT love it?!?

Chandler said...

Lovely knits, and I'm sure they'll be vastly appreciated. I know the feeling, though—I get that same nervousness with all kinds of things, and not just knitting!

essjay said...

Such lovely sweaters & lovely mothers! You are so sweet to knit for them!

Trudy said...

They're all so--who would NOT love them? The cabled one is awesome--I think my favorite.

Joanne said...

What cute little sweaters! I love seeing how they "fit" too...

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving all those interesting, sweet and kind comments. Your thoughts often brighten my day. :)

MadMad said...

OK, I LOVE that "it fits" photo! That's the BEST!

(Oh, look, that Bells already said that!)