Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It Looks About The Same

Here’s the thing about triangular shawls.

I knit and knit and knit. I check my charts; I count carefully (or even obsessively). I learn to read my knitting and catch mistakes before they throw the whole pattern off.

The shawl grows steadily, and I fall more in love with the yarn with each passing moment. I’ve moved from a 24” cable to a 32” cable, because things were getting too scrunched up.

But it looks about the same as it did last time I took pictures.

Last week, with 90 rows knit:

This week, with 121 rows knit:

See what I mean? It looks like some odd pink sea creature, but I assure you that progress is being made.

This motif just knocks me out.

It’s twenty stitches wide by twenty rows tall, and it’s going to block out just beautifully. I keep telling myself that, even though it resembles nothing quite so much as a lap full of pink ramen noodles on steroids.

It’s going to block out beautifully.

For those of you who have been drooling on your keyboards while I’ve been knitting these patterns, sign-ups for Year of Lace 2010 are opening tomorrow. Check it out, it’s sure to be fabulous!

In other news, my dear friend Anna, who is a marvelous writer and a gifted crafter, is having a contest on her blog to celebrate her 300th post. Contest rules and entry are here. The prize options are marvelous, and I’d encourage you all to enter the contest.

Now then, I’m off to knit some more lace… in just 40 more rows the pattern will change!


Rose Red said...

Lace can be kind of frustrating like that - but wow, won't it wonderful when it is off the sticks!

MadMad said...

Oh, it's lovely! And the yarn looks beautiful! (Ramen on steroids - HAHAHA!)

m1k1 said...

It looks Significantly bigger to me.

Chandler said...

Ugh, I know. I'm (slowly) working on a triangle shawl myself. It's like a black hole of knitting!

Looks gorgeous so far, though!

Alwen said...

When I knitted Christel, I was so unconvinced that it was going to look like anything that I didn't take a "before" picture.

Anna said...

I can see the difference in the pictures! The shawl has definitely grown! And it looks gorgeous.

Thanks for saying such nice things about me. :) :kram:

Donna Lee said...

You can see the difference. The color really catches my eye, though and that's all I see.

Bells said...

oh yeah. it's gonna block out just fine. And isn't that what keeps us going when the lace seems unwilling to grow?