Thursday, October 18, 2007

Memory Lane: Checkerboard Crib Blanket

So, here's another project from last year.

My friends announced that they were having a baby, and it produced a flurry of excitement amongst all of the crafty folk. You know how we are... I started out with the idea that I might make an entire wardrobe for the newcomer. A bonnet, some soakers, sweaters, booties, blankets in various weights and sizes.

Then I came to my senses. Pregnancies only last for nine months, and the wish-list of projects I had in mind could conceivably keep me busy until the baby filed for Social Security. I settled on one of the old standbys: a crib blanket.

I consulted with a mutual friend, who reminded me that the mom-to-be likes bright colors. Bright contrasting colors. No pastels, no traditional "baby" colors. Right then, a bright contrasting crib blanket it would be!

Once I had the pattern picked out I went off to the craft store looking for yarn, and I found these:


Bright and contrasting, oh my yes! I didn't need sunglasses, but that may be because I knitted it in the fall!

Here it is about 1/3 complete:

I really liked they way that the contrasting colors from both yarns kind of pool together and move through the blanket. The pattern is a very simple one. Garter stitch borders and slip stitches to make the checkerboard effect.
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And here it is all done, being modeled by my faithful bear for perspective:
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He's wearing a handknit sweater... but that's another post.


Kate said...

It looks great, Anree! Looking at those two yarns in the skein, I wouldn't think they'd go together, but they actually look fabulous! Very pretty!!

Anna said...

Did the baby enjoy the blanket? I enjoy looking at it!

Geek Knitter said...

The baby's mom tells me she loves the blanket, which makes me very happy indeed.