Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prize Drawing and a Public Service Announcement

Time to give away some sock yarn! Oh, how exciting!

I have once again used the Random List Generator, one of my most favorite web applications ever. It’s the equivalent of drawing names out of a hat, but with that extra geek cred I’m always looking for.

And the winners are:
Caffeine Faerie

OK ladies, now you have a choice to make. Leave me a comment and either let me know what your color preference is, or leave it all up to chance. I’ll find something in the stash to suit you, or I’ll plug it into the randomizer again, the same way I pick my sock projects.

Thanks to all who entered, you’ve touched my heart.

Now for a Public Service Announcement:

I trimmed down my roses this weekend. It was time; in fact it was probably past time. My best friend dragged herself up from her sickbed to supervise and offer advice. We decided that one particularly thick cane needed to be cut, and she offered me her loppers.

“No need,” I insisted, “these secateurs are very sharp!”

Well yes, they were sharp. But the point of loppers is that they have those lovely long handles, which provide lots of leverage and make the job both quicker and less painful on your hands.

My right hand has been swollen and sore for two days now. It’s not so bad that I can’t knit or type (thank goodness) but it is uncomfortable.

So, if your best friend, who happens to be a former landscape professional, offers you the use of a pair of loppers, I would strongly recommend that you say, “Yes, please!”


Karen said...

Hang on, back up the truck -- you choose your sock projects via the Random List Generator? Madam, my Geek Hat is off to you!

Bells said...

All Aussies won! How cool!

And *ouch*.

Rose Red said...

I'm a winner? Really? Wow! I love your random number generator thingummybob! Thank you so much!

Um, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm kinda fond of red. Heh! Or purple or green, or orange. Any colour really, except pink (I so need a button for my blog that says "say no to pink!" or something).

Oh, and thanks for the tip on the roses - I must do mine soon, so I will remember to use the lopper thingys. Hope your hand is better soon...

Caffeine Faerie said...

You choose patterns by RLG? You are truly l33+!

Thank you so much! I need to build up a good stash of sock yarn, so it will be going to a good home. I'm pretty laid back (not so much a fan of pink either though) - so surprise me.

And my sympathies on the rose pruning. I too have experienced the pain and the swollen hands - I used to keep the rose gardens at my old Hall of Res in order. Just take comfort in knowing that pruned bushes yield more roses in the next season! (and the swelling will go down soon)

Donna Lee said...

Frozen peas for your swollen hand. An orthopedist told me once that frozen peas were the best ice pack because you should only ice things for 20 minutes and they start to defrost after about 15 so they're perfect.

I am an anti-geek, or an dinosaur if you listen to my husband. I choose my socks and patterns according to what I'm feeling that day.

TinkingBell said...

You are a technical whizz kid - love the way you choose your socks....

and next time - take the damn lopper!

Oh - and Australi thanks you - it's lovely that you're letting people know about whats happened in Victoria - try saying - wiped out over a million acres - mid boggling

TinkingBell said...

also mind boggling - in case your mid boggled there

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you. :) That' lovely. :) You won't go wrong with any colour in Autumn type tones for me. If it's earthy/Autumny, I'll love it. Thank you!