Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Think It’s A Garden

I’m beginning to think I’m the proud (and tired) owner of a front garden.

Sunday was a perfect gardening day; it was a little overcast, but warm enough to be comfortable. My best friend came over and goodness did we get a lot of work done.

Two more yards of compost and we were ready to go buy some plants:



We laid the pots out on the beds. This provided plenty of time for dithering about placement.


And then we planted:



Obviously, we’re still looking for some plants. For instance, this corner bed is waiting on rosemary and sage to go with the oat grass and dianthus.


And this corner is waiting on fuchsia and something else, the name of which escapes me at the moment.


This bed is in two levels. The lower one in the front will be given over to the ground cover you see here, and also to pots of various things.


Now for the detail pictures:

There are three of these in the front. We’ll be putting in more plants which will pick up these colors.


This is a black viola along the bed by the deck.


A glorious maroon columbine, next to the viola.


Yet another columbine in the layered bed.


Geraniums in the front bed... I wonder what color they are?


Ground cover on the steps leading to the roses.


A long shot of the front bed, with some beautiful irises. The buds on these were closed tight when they were planted on Sunday.



And finally, a dwarf lilac in the front bed. Hopefully it will grow well and serve as a good anchor point.


It’s so wonderful to open the front door and see all this. There’s still a lot of work to go, what with the bed by the porch needing some daphne and herbs. Then the paths will get a layer of gravel and some stepping stones. But at least for this week I get to rest on my accomplishments.

You have to admit it’s a huge change from this:

From Porch

And this:


As ever, there are people to thank.

Thank you to Teresa, visionary and slave driver.
Thank you to my mother, who brought her own shovel, however small.
And thank you to Joey, my patient husband, shoveler of compost, beer sherpa and fetcher of chinese take-out when it was obvious I had no energy left to make dinner.


Anna said...

Would you like to come and help boyfriend and me with our front garden when you're done with yours? :)


Lia said...

Wow, Anree, that's a lot of work. I bow to your gardening willpower! I love the layering effect; it makes a garden look soooo much bigger and much more interesting.

You're planting some of my favorites--I can't wait to see them when the come of age! (Some are looking good already.)

And, um, you're welcome to visit OH anytime to help me...:wink:

Jen said...

Anree, your garden looks gorgeous! :cheering: Amazing!

essjay said...

That really does make not having a lawn so attractive! I can't wait to see everything once they grow and bloom! You should feel very proud!

moirae said...

What gorgeous colors! I love the red. Can't wait to see how it's done.