Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Work Leads to Homework.

First, I must thank you all for sharing the lessons that knitting has taught you. It’s hard to know how an introspective piece of writing will go over, and you’ve once again warmed my heart. To those of you who found your way to me through Bridget’s link (thank you!), a very warm welcome.

The weather here in the valley has been typical for the geography and the time of year, which is another way of saying that we just never know what we’re going to get from day to day. Or from minute to minute. Rain, wind, sun, breezes, slushy snow, sprinkles, rainbows, hail… we’ve been seeing just about everything this spring.

This weekend the weather gods smiled down upon me. Presented with two glorious days of sun in a row, I couldn’t wait to get outside and do some home work.

The daffodils and tulips were done blooming for the year, so I trimmed them all down. Since I was down on my knees anyway, I also pulled up a small forest of seedlings from the overenthusiastic ash trees behind the house. Then I rained down havoc upon weeds and grass that had dared to show their faces in the wrong places. That oughta show ‘em!

My husband was a great help, using the big shovel to dig down and break the roots of the grass that had encroached into the rose bed in the back yard. We got up chunks of sod, and I could swear I heard the roses heave great sighs of relief. They’ll be much happier without the competition for water and nutrients come blooming season.

We hauled out so many wheelbarrow loads of weeds and junk that my composter is full to the very top. Which means that my next garden task is to dig out and distribute the compost from the bottom of the container. The roses and other bushes will get their first feed of the season, there will be room in the container for things to settle and all those wonderful worms can get to work on the next layer.

Later this week, if I get a few sunny moments after work, I can do my homework. It’s been a while since I showed pictures of the front yard. All the hard labor of two years ago is really starting to pay off, and I’m looking forward to showing it to you.

All that, and I’ll have some knitting progress to show!


knitseashore said...

Thanks for sharing your gardening adventures. I've finally begun to work on our long-neglected yard and garden, and am enjoying hearing about what projects others are doing. Can't wait to see your photos!

Chandler said...

Ain't that the truth about the weather! My parents were here this week, and they kept asking what the forecast was for the day; all I could say was what I thought it would be for the next five minutes.