Monday, March 29, 2010


Is this thing still on?

Well, I’m back. I’m tired but happy, after the successful launch of a volunteer project, which ate up most of my free time and a goodly chunk of my (virtually non-existent) energy. It went well, and we’re all quite pleased about it.

In the meantime, there has been knitting going on around here. Progress is being made on the borders of not one but two lace shawls, another shawl is growing by leaps and bounds and getting quite unruly, and there’s a cardigan in my knitting bag to go to knit night with me tonight.

But I have been humbled. I have been brought low. I have been shown to be a bear of very little brain. Or perhaps I am just a knitter who cannot read a tape measure.

I’ve been working on a sock. A rather lovely sock.

Bag by Celestial Fiber Arts

Knit at a wrist-aching 9 stitches to the inch, the lovely soft and smooth yarn shows off this massive cable on the front just perfectly.


But it's too short, by at least half an inch.


See how the heel flap curves like that? Yeah, it's too short. My toes are scrunched down in there, and I just know that they’d be uncomfortable. Not to mention how fast they'd wear out.

I’m going to have to rip out all the way down to where the gusset starts, add some length and do it all over again.

Oh well, I wasn’t entirely happy with the increases I used for the gusset anyway, so now instead of wishing I’d picked something different, I can just go ahead and change them

But still… piffle.


essjay said...

The socks are lovely and hopefully the recover will be short & sweet!

Karen said...

Oh, I feel your pain.

But you'll overcome, and the socks will be the better for it. I have faith in you.

Rose Red said...

Oh Noes! That is such a fab sock though, ripping back is worth it. Gee I love the cables!

Anonymous said...

i was almost going to suggest gifting them to someone with a shorter foot - but they are too lovely to give away - unless your mum has smaller feet than you?

Alwen said...

That is indeed a piffle! But they will indeed be gorgeous after you do what must be done.

AlisonH said...

I tend to find that when I have to rip, it feels better if I can sit down on the spot and redo that part without putting it off till later.