Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is There A Photographer In The House?

My Ancient Woodlands shawl looks lovely on me, but for now you’re going to have to take my word for it.

I tried to get my husband to take some modeling shots last night, but not a single one of them is good enough to edit, let alone post on the internet for public viewing. I’m going to see if my mom or step-dad can get some decent ones this afternoon.

But, just to tide you over, I do have some obligatory blocking shots.

Mom, I have to thank you once again, from the bottom of my lace-knitting soul, for the blocking wires you gave me. They made the process so much faster than just using pins, and they produced amazing results.

After I soaked the shawl for about half an hour, I rolled it up in a towel and had Joey stand on it. Then we repaired to the spare room, took an end apiece and threaded them onto wires. Pretty soon, we had it stretched out.



The cables… oh goodness, I’m in awe of the way Miriam Felton incorporated them into the design. They pull the center of the shawl in and they pop right up off of the fabric.


And behind them is a series of yarn-overs and decreases, which help keep the rest of the fabric from bunching up around them. Genius, truly genius.


Now then, there simply must be someone in this city who can get some decent picture of this shawl! Excuse me, won’t you?


marycatharine said...

It looks so pretty blocking! Good luck with finding a photographer. Around here I need to take them myself since no one else will even touch the camera.

Karen said...

Beautiful! And aren't blocking wires amazing?!
Now...go find a photographer -- I want to see it on you!

Rose Red said...

It is just gorgeous - perfect pattern for the yarn and knitted so well.

And blocking wires are just great aren't they!

Bells said...

so very beautiful! I hope you do find someone to photograph it - surely your mum can???

Donna Lee said...

Great way to kick off your year of lace. It's simply gorgeous.