Friday, May 29, 2009

What We Saw

I’m so very glad that I got the chance to be impulsive last weekend. The trip was everything we could have asked for. The weather was nothing short of perfect, and we never ran out of things to see. I have no idea how many miles (kilometers?) we walked, but it was worth the sore calves.

Plane spotting at the Inner Harbor

My husband got to get a close-up look at a multitude of seaplanes. The binoculars had quite a workout.

Parliament Building

I completely failed to get a shot of this building at night, when it’s all lit up. I love the ver de gris on the domes, and the way it looms so majestically over the square.

The gardens at Government House are open to the public, and they are a wonder to behold.


Yellow Rose




This is Boots. She followed us for about 20 minutes, twining through our legs and rolling over to have her belly scratched. She finally wandered off once it became obvious that we had no fish for her

The Swiftsure Yacht Race happened on Saturday, so we went down to watch some of the starts.

Anna’s Bag Sees The Boats

Then we went off to the Moss Street Market, where we got tamales for breakfast and cinnamon rolls for dessert.

Anna’s Bag Meets More Cousins

And, just to show that knitters and spinners have not yet, in fact, become the majority population in North America…

While I was setting up these next two shots, there were three women behind me who did not know that you make this:


from this:


Clearly, our recruiting work must continue!

Many many thanks to our gracious hostess, who accommodated us with very little notice, kept us well caffeinated, and introduced us to the hilarity of Rayman Raving Rabbids and Guitar Hero. [Hey, leave a comment, would you?]

So tell me, what are your favorite impulsive things to do?


Cathy said...

great photos--looks like a fun trip!

marycatharine said...

Victoria! Eventually (when I've got enough seniority) I could work in the Victoria Harbor Tower talking to all those float planes. Did you bring home any of the yarn or roving?

Kate said...

Gah! Your pictures are LOVELY and are making me antsy with anticipation for my own trip there this summer!!! She really is the hostess with the mostest, isn't she?? :)

TinkerTots said...

Oh, oh, oh! Did you bring me some pretty roving!! Did you?

Nevermind I don't have you on retainer or anything.. I MUST HAVE PRETTY FIBER!!

Rose Red said...

Oh wonderful photos!

I suppose those women don't know that milk comes from cows too??

Dilly said...

:phew: So glad that THE photo of me didn't end up on your blog! ;) Glad you had fun while you were here. Do come again sometime!

Anna said...

The bag is really travelling around! Thank you so much for using the bag, Geeky! It makes me happy that you won the give away considering that the prize is so well used!


Donna Lee said...

Maybe we need to organize the recruitment efforts.....

My favorite impulsive thing is to throw some food into a cooler and take off for a picnic in the woods. We drive till we find a spot we like and then we wander around the trees, admiring the forest or just sleep in the sun on a blanket. Heaven smells like a pine forest.

Chandler said...

What a fantastic getaway! I think you just moved Victoria to the top of my list!