Monday, April 27, 2009

Homeless Handknits, Part One

Everyone at work knows that I’m a knitter. After nearly three years with this agency, it would be well-nigh impossible for them not to know, what with the steady stream of baby items given away. Not to mention the near-daily sight of me sitting in the best light in the break-room so I can knit during lunch.

At any rate, my fondness for yarny things is well known, and sometimes interesting things happen based on that knowledge.

One of my co-workers had been cleaning out some old boxes recently, and she found an old scarf and hat set, gifted to her many many years ago but never worn because they are so scratchy. So she brought them in and gave them to me.

Here’s the hat:


And here’s the scarf:


I thought at first that the hat was knit in the round, but then I found the seam.


I love the look of the decreases on the top.


There are a couple of holes that need repair.


It seems to me that I’ve got something in the stash which is pretty close to this color.


Then there’s the scarf.


It’s got fringe, which is something I don’t generally endorse, but the quality of the knitting is quite good.

It’s even got the tag on it.


This is the only flaw I can find in the scarf... one of those mysterious snagged stitches.


It really is quite lovely.


The hat is too small for my ginormous head, and the scarf is far too itchy to wrap around my neck. I think I’ll take some notes about stitch counts and cable patterns, just in case I decide to recreate them. Then I’ll give them both a good wash and take them to Goodwill. It’d be great if they end up in a good home.

Next up: The Rescued Sweater


Rose Red said...

It's funny how people think that as a knitter, you'd be interested in any old knitted item or yarn, even if it's too itchy for them to wear.

But at least you can repair and hopefully rehome, to someone who will love them.

marycatharine said...

I wonder how they got the holes if they were never worn. Coworkers are always an interesting group. Can't wait to see the sweater.

Bells said...

People do hand over all manner of things don't they?

I think your intentions are lovely.

Lynne said...

Firstly, thanks for the birthday greetings.

I can't believe how closely that hat is like the Aran jumper [sweater] I am currently knitting for my mum [and can't blog about because she randomly remembers my blog!]

essjay said...

How sweet that this person thought of you. I hope you can re-home it or re-purpose the yarn!

Chandler said...

Lovely knits; too bad about the scratchiness. I think it must be the curse of the knitter: everyone gives us yarn/homeless knitted items, because well, you know, we like yarn, so we must like *all* yarn, no? (I think it may be worse for me, because I'm super-duper picky. No synthetics, not even a titch. No scratchiness. No novelty yarns. You get the idea.)

Sigh. Lovely Irish things, though; hope they'll find a good home with someone who doesn't mind the scratchiness!

Donna Lee said...

How funny that your coworkers assume you'll want all their unwanted knits. It's good of you to save them. I get the knits that are almost beyond repair and get asked, "can this be saved?". I have to pull out my thinking cap and find workable solutions.

Anonymous said...

One of my colleagues knew that I collect vintage knitting patterns, from the 1930s and 1940s, and she brought a whole pile of '80s patterns in for me. It was sweet of her to think of me but, umm, not really my thing! I like your idea about what to do with these knits.