Thursday, December 11, 2008


Excuse me, have you seen my hat?

I knit it with my own hands. Out of this Berroco Ultra Alpaca.


It’s an Elfin Hat [Ravelry link] from Interweave Knits, Fall ’07. It’s got this cool spiral lace pattern, and I made the ribbing extra-long so I could double it over and cover my ears with it.

I did this really cool trick with the ribbing. I offset it by two stitches about halfway down, so that it would kind of lock in with itself when I folded it over

I used it to teach myself Magic Loop. It was a bit of a struggle, what with the cable needle seeming to be smarter than me, but I got the hang of it.

It’s got a pom-pom on the end. I’m not usually a pom-pom kind of woman, but this hat seemed to call for it, so I made one. I sewed it on the hat sometime this spring, and then I did a big ole happy-dance around the house.

It fit. It was warm. It was purple. It was perfect.

I put it someplace safe. Where it wouldn’t get dirty. Someplace where I wouldn’t lose it.

Except that the someplace is a little too safe, because now I can’t find it. I’ve looked in the coat closet. I’ve looked in the pockets of all my coats. I’ve looked in the stash containers under the bed. I’ve looked in the shoeboxes in the bedroom closet.

I have this terrible feeling that I’m going to have to clean my house.

Either that, or knit another one. I just know it’ll show up if I do that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wailey, wailey!
Drat and double drat!
I hate it when that happens!
Maybe the house elves have borrowed it. After all it sounds like just the kind of hat they would love.Hopefully it will turn up without your having to resort to cleaning the whole house.
Good luck sweety, yurmum

Stiney said...

You clearly haven't looked in the last place yet, or you would've found it.

Sarah said...

Good luck!

Anna said...

Hope you find it!!! Holding my thumbs for ya'! :kram:

Alwen said...

Oh, the safe place! When I was a kid, some of our Christmas presents spent months in the safe place. Until March one year, even.

Lieke said...

You'll probably find it next summer. Lost things have the habit of coming back to you when you don't need them...

Jen said...

Ohno! Uh...have you looked in coat pockets? Sometimes I find gloves and hats in coat pockets. Hmm. Stink!

Bells said...

What? Clean the house? Oh God no. Surely it can't be that bad? ;-)

I would feel just the same.

Anonymous said...

You could try St. Anthony's prayer.

TinkingBell said...

Not the mobile black hole - start knitting another - the black hole gives up its hostages when you are halfway done!

Oh - and thank you again - you stealth knitter you!

essjay said...

Has it made an appearance yet? I do hope it shows up soon - it sounds like with the weather you've been having you NEED that hat!