Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Over The Place

That’s my life in a nutshell, at least the knitting side of it.

I’m still working on Mystery Stole 4, with about six rows to go on Clue 3. I had to rip out about 19 rows of one of the sides due to multiple dropped stitches followed by complete brain lock. It’s slowed me down quite a bit, but I think I’m getting back into the groove on it.

Bells is hosting a very casual Lace-Along called A Long Lacy Summer. Before you point out to me that it is, in fact, Fall, I will point out to you that the world is, in fact, round. This means that in Australia, where Bells blogs to us, it’s actually Spring. She’s dedicated a sidebar on her blog for folks who are participating, and I’d encourage you to check them all out. It’s a great way to find new bloggers, and there’s sure to be some lovely stuff produced in the coming months.

A few (several?) months ago, I counted up all my lace-weight. I came up with approximately six-and-a-half miles, which just boggled my mind.

Well, I’ve gone and done it again. Anybody care to take a guess how much lace-weight I’ve got now?



Beuller? (Sorry, bad ‘80’s joke, I couldn’t resist)

Just under thirteen miles.

As I wrote the last time I did this "clearly, I am obsessed."

Having faced this fact, and wanting to produce a goodly amount of lace to represent the northern hemisphere in A Long Lacy Summer, I did what any sane knitter would do.

I went to the yarn store and bought worsted weight for some new projects.

Oh, stop that snickering… you’ve done something similar and you know it!

I got two skeins of Noro Silk Garden:

Color 267

Color 8

and four skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride.

RPM Pink


The Silk Garden is slated to become Jared Flood's Turn-A-Square hat for my stepfather. I started it on Sunday, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to rip it and start over, for several reasons. I’m not convinced that a mere one inch of ribbing is enough, the join into the round is en eyesore, and I’m pretty sure I messed up on the increases. Three strikes, you’re frogged.

The Lamb’s Pride is to make a pair of Fiber Trend’s Felted Clogs for my mother. Since I haven’t started them yet, I’ve not had a chance to mess them up. Yet.

There’s also a pair of socks on the go, which I have been trying on approximately every five rounds. To ensure that they fit my actual feet, you understand, and not the feet of someone else. I should be working the toes soon, and I really ought to get some photos of them.

See what I mean? I’m all over the place.

Oh yeah, and to Kate, who correctly guessed the yarn from my autumnal walk last week, Dream in Color Smooshy in Butter Peeps… either you work for Dream in Color, or you stalked my Ravelry stash! Nice call!


Bells said...

hehe. Yes, the world is round! That's one of the cool things about this blogging gig, is we can enjoy each other's opposite seasons. When I'm stinking hot, I like to look at bloggers who post photos of snow!

Thirteen miles of laceweight? I need to add mine up too. Great idea!

essjay said...

13 miles of laceweight??? I don't even want to total mine, I think I'd cry! I hope you can get back on track with MS4, mistakes hurt, don't they?

I can't believe you bought pink yarn for Laura's clogs - what were you thinking??? :wink:

Alwen said...

I'm scared to go and look in my laceweight bag. It doesn't take much yarn in that weight to add up to a lot of yardage!

Kate said...

Um, I'm afraid it's a combination of those two things...I think I stalk Dream in Color! (I'm a wee bit obsessed--it is dyed by the former owners of my LYS!)

Kathleen Taylor said...

I am only just starting to knit lace (I'm on my 3rd major project now- an original design wrap, made with sportweight cotton), so my own laceweight stash isn't as big as it's going to be soon...heh...

TinkingBell said...

Hah - I too shall be knitting lacey stuff - in a casual, summery sort of way!

I don't want to know how much lace weight I have - but some of it is going to become other stuff over summer. I'm also knitting cardis and socks - knit knit knit - that's me - and probably from stash given how the Aussie dollar has tanked!

Sarah said...

Phew you sure have some mileage for the summer/winter of lace and I'm just impressed you didn't buy more laceweight :o)

Trudy (at Knit'Pickin') said...

13 miles...honey!! If you plan to drop by my blog, ever, and it's a bore really, my url has changed to

Trudy (at Knit/Pickin') said...

Hi Sweets--I changed the url on my boring blog you're kind enough to drop by!--it's got tired of typing out the other url, but my blog is stll called Knit/Pickin'!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Ohhh yeeeaaaah...ohhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhh... (more Bueller references) ;P
I'm just starting on my lace journey, so I've yet to have any laceweight to count, but come this time next year....! Thanks for sharing your autumn colours - that flaming pink bush is fantabulous!