Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Sepia to Technicolor

Remember that trip I was packing for? The quest to be an über-geek?

Yeah... wow...

I'm having a tough time putting together more than the simplest declarative sentences. My favorite at the moment is "Beer now," but I know better than to drink and blog. I don't have a huge readership, but they'd never ever ever let me forget it.

This class has been amazing, and I've learned a lot, but I'm worried that if I shake my head too hard, all the information's going to get mixed up in there.

So, this is what I looked like around 3:15 this afternoon.

Tired, brain whirling, absolutely spent.

Clearly something had to be done. I needed to get some color back in my life! Off to the yarn store with me.

I visited Weaving Works this afternoon. It was lovely, the perfect antidote to four days of file sharing, permissions, group ownership and ACL's. (You know what's cool... I actually know what those mean now!)

It's a wonderful store; I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Seattle. Friendly staff and simply tons of yarn. They have so much stock, and yet it doesn't feel crowded. I made two full rounds of the floor; stroking, sniffing, patting, and crooning... it was lovely.

In the end, I came away with these:

Claudia Handpainted

Sunrise... how perfect

I promised a pair of socks to a colleague who retired recently. I think this colorway will suit her perfectly.

Paris Night

Is it blue or grey?

I haven't the slightest idea what this will be, but I've got 1400 yards of it...

I picked up something else as well, but I dasn't show photos of it yet... it's for a swap pal and I don't want them guessing!

Mom, you were right, my color's back!


ekittie said...

MMmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo... :drool: :drool:

Don't let all your information leak out your ears! :teehee:

And its good to see your smiling face. :)

Anna said...

Glad you got the colour back!!! :)


essjay said...

I'm glad you learned so much at training but by then end it is TOUGH! I'm glad you saved the yarn store for the last night - a reward for all your hard work this week! Those yarns are LOVELY. Paris Night is my #1 favorite Malabrigo colorway :isjealous:. Safe drive home, darling! :muah:

Lia said...

Oooh, scrummy yarns!!! And Mmmmmmmmmm! :thud:

How fitting that you used yarn shopping to soothe your oh-so-full brain.

I lurv the pics of you in glasses! You look really good in them. Do you wear them all the time?

Glad the training went well, too, and that you learned lots of new words and acronyms. So satisfying! :teehee:

:muah: to you!

DotMom (a.k.a. Julie) said...

Anree! I love to see your smiling face!

The yarns are gorgeous, and I'm sure the fiber therapy did a great deal to reduce the pressure in your haid!!

twinsetellen said...

Training is incredibly draining. The brain really uses a lot of energy, doesn't it?