Sunday, March 30, 2008

Road Trip

I'm leaving home today to travel about five hours north for a week-long server configuration class. I hope to be a certified über-geek by Thursday afternoon when the class ends, and I'm very excited.

I'll be away from home for six days, so there was some packing to do. When it was all done, I stepped back and took a look. Then I had a good laugh and dug out my camera

I can't be the only one who does this.

My bags, from left to right:
Purple bag: Books and a throw blanket (I get cold easily, what can I say)
Suitcase: Clothes and toiletries.
Blue laptop bag: Laptop, iPod, camera, DVD's
Green striped bag (notice that it's the biggest one): knitting.

I think I've got five WIPs in there, but I'm not positive. This is what happens when my husband isn't home to ask me why I'm taking that.

At least I know I won't get bored!


Susanne said...

That's really funny. I noticed that a lot of people are doing this but I try to take a bigger suitcase, and have only the suitcase (or in my case backpack since I'm always taking the train), and a second "carry-on" bag with everything I need on the road. I find that It's much easier to keep track of two bags than of four. And easier to carry too.

Mind you, most times I'm not traveling alone but with family and that means two huge backpacks, a carry-on for each of us and a bag with food and drink. And the guitar.

I usually don't take that much knitting though I tend to just buy more sock yarn on the road.

angelia said...

Wow, Anree, that's a lot of luggage! And, um, no, you're not the only one who travels with that much luggage. I pack double the amount of everything I *might* need, use less than 1/4 of it, and curse myself. It's a sickness!

Carrying 5 WIPs is perfectly normal. Anyone who doesn't do that is not a knitter. :shifty:

Oh, and I also put an extra bag in one of my bags in case I buy stuff while I'm gone. ("stuff" means yarn, btw.)

Safe travels, sweetie! I'm already in awe of your uber-geekness! :notworthy:


essjay said...

I usually pack like that too - especially if I'm driving, no need for neat packing! Glad you had a safe trip up there and I hope that your training goes really well!

Jen said...

:roflhard: That is HILARIOUS! (And I'm at least as bad. So no you're so not the only one!) Have so much fun! I wish I could go with you!