Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mindless Knitting is Important...

It's such a good thing that I started that mindless sock the other day. I'd been feeling a little blah for a few days. Nothing that I could really put my finger on and say, "I'm sick, I need to stay home." I was just a little run-down and kind of achy in my shoulders and neck. I thought it was just left-over from a moderately insane holiday season.

Then Monday it happened. I was all right when I woke up. I did my workout, showered, had breakfast, I even went to work. But by 10 am I knew I was in trouble. My shoulders and neck were so stiff I couldn't turn my head, I had to turn my whole upper body. And I was getting that spaced-out disconnected feeling that always means I have a fever. I gave up and went home.

After I took a nice long nap, I looked around for something to keep my mind off how crummy I felt, and there was my project bag, with the Mindless Sock sticking out of it. Perfect! So I stuck my iPod in my ears, picked up the sock & started knitting.

And knitting.

And knitting.

This is how much I got done Monday afternoon:
Ribbing and leg

Tuesday I still wasn't feeling all that well, so I stayed home again.

I knit the heel flap:

40 rows!

On the inside

And then I turned the heel:

I always feel so clever when I do this!

I picked up the gusset and started the decreases last night, and finished them at lunch this afternoon. Soon, I'll have a whole sock done.

I'm so glad I had this project started before I got ill. I wouldn't have been able to manage it on Monday, I was just too out of it. But, since those first few fiddly rounds were on the needles already, I had something to do with all those hours when I was too sick to do anything, but not well enough to go to work.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find my Mom and tell her that I've been sick before she reads this. Certainly don't want to get another one of these e-mails!


essjay said...

I do hope that you are feeling better by now! I always try to have a mindless knitting project as many nights that is all I can handle. I'm glad this one was there to help you when you were sick! :hugs:

Kate said...

The best part is that with gorgeous colors like that, it sure doesn't look mindless!!! Beautiful! I hope you're feeling better!

Anna said...

Hope you're feeling better, Geeky! :kram:

Geek Knitter said...

Thank you for the well-wishes. I'm feeling much better!

teresa said...

Nice yarn! See? Variegated yarns make you look brilliant even if all you are doing is stringing basic stitches together! See why I loves it? I'm lazy and addicted to crocheting in circles, pretty much says it all!

On a more challenging note: It's January. Wanna teach me to knit?