Monday, September 24, 2007

Eye Trouble

What is the thing that most knitters fear the most, aside from hurting their hands? That's right, problems with their eyes.

I had to leave work on Thursday due to an itching, burning, bruised-feeling eye. In addition to being annoyed that I was going to be behind in my projects, I was frantic that I might not be able to see well enough to knit. I've got an incredibly active imagination, so I cooked up all kinds of scenarios in my head. I had settled on a scenario which included super-bulky yarn and size 50 needles... not a pretty picture in my head, considering my passion for socks and my growing interest in lace.

One of the good things about being a cynic with an over-active imagination is that my worst-case scenarios rarely come true. I went to the urgent care center on Friday and the doctor hemmed and hawed, and then allowed as how amputation would probably be over-reacting. He told me that there had probably been something in my eye for most of the night on Wednesday, and that I'd been rubbing at it in my sleep. Putting on my contacts on Thursday didn't make things any better, and by Thursday afternoon my eye had decided that enough was enough.

So, no contact lenses for a week, and I cranked up the resolution on my monitors to reduce the strain. Thankfully, I don't need to go stock up on super-bulky yarn!


essjay said...

I do hope your eye continues to feel better. Trust me, knitting with size US 50 needles is NOT the answer....I'd want to shove them through my eyes they are so bad! Keep getting better! :hug:

Anna said...

Hope your eye is getting better!


angelia said...

Oh no! I must be having sympathetic eye problems because my right eye is doing the same thing. I feel your pain! Take care, sweets, and I hope your eye is better soon! :muah:

Dilly said...

I was given eye drops over the weekend to help with my Allergic Conjunctivitis. Eye problems must be going around right now. I'm glad that your problem isn't severe and will heal itself quickly. Of course, for a knitter, it can never be quick enough. :hug: